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By Dean Bowen and Steven van Lummel:

I see them standing there
on the Binckhorstlaan
Helmet's on their heads, shovels in hand
That every day rythm
From there, and here
The machine keeps digging and digging
The first step to unknown lands
A new horizon here
A new day there
Though we all know exactly what awaits us on the other side
What we will find there
5 euro's and 10 cents away
Half a marathon
Once the cement dries, and the drilling quiets
Once the earth gives way and new light is in sight
The first step toward a new balance
Distance but a dream, a discipline, a result
From here to there is a fleeting thought
The Hague, Rotterdam
Two old friends who once again meet
An airport with two names
An Eastern tunnel, an Western tunnel, a common goal
A flow of veins into the depths
At 31 meters under NAP darkness prevailed
Where the tunnels meet, we can see each other
From here to there, a new gesture
In the light of progress



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